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Many customers ask similar questions and we have pulled together a selection of these. Should you have any questions that remain unanswered and/or would like a more detailed response please do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass ?

Installing an Artificial Grass lawn eliminates the time necessary to maintain a grass lawn. No equipment is needed; no grass cutting and no regular maintenance are required. Tidy throughout the year an artificial lawn is natural looking, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Do You Supply and Fit ?

We are a supply only company. For full details on the installation process please see our Installation Guide.

What is the Difference between Non Sand Filled and Sand Filled ?

Non Sand Filled grasses are manufactured with a greater density of yarn and fibres; this adds to the durability of the grass. Sand filled products are used for heavier trafficked areas with the sand acting as ballast keeping the carpet in place.

Can You use Artificial Grass beside a Swimming Pool ?

Yes Artificial Grass can enhance the area around a Swimming Pool. We recommend that you position the grass at a distance of at least one metre away to avoid chlorine affecting the artificial grass.

Can a Paddling Pool be put on top of the Artificial Grass ?

Yes this is possible, we would recommend that once the pool has been put away that you use a stiff brush to lift the pile up in the effected area.

Can Artificial Grass be put straight on top of an existing Lawn ?

This is not recommended, as undulations will occur. Please see out Installation Guide

Can Artificial Grass be laid straight onto Concrete ?

We would recommend that in this case you use a Shock Pad that will facilitate and cushion any falls that might occur and help the bounce back of the artificial grass pile. You may instead use a layer of infill sand to act as a base on top of the concrete which would aid and assist drainage.

Can Artificial Grass be laid straight onto Decking ?

Yes this is possible and the installation time can be minimum.

What sort of Base is Required and Recommended ?

We recommend a weed suppression membrane followed by a good drainage system of crushed hardcore followed by a layer of quarry dust or sand. If the area has good existing drainage a suitable quantity of sharp sand should be sufficient. Please see our Installation Guide for further details.

What happens if it rains ?

The Artificial Grass is manufactured to drain at over 100 litres per hour. Providing your existing lawn does not have a drainage problem and the Artificial Grass is installed correctly it should drain efficiently. The Artificial Grass comes with a latex backing and has pre-punched holes to assist with drainage; thus draining quicker than a conventional lawn. Please see our Installation Guide for further details.

My lawn is always flooded, will an Artificial Grass stop this ?

If there is a problem with your existing grass lawn it will be necessary to install suitable and adequate drainage at the time of excavation and prior to installation of the Artificial Grass. Please see our Installation Guide for further details.

How long will the Artificial Grass last ?

The lifespan of the grass is 15 years based on normal domestic usage. Heavy use in any concentrated area will reduce the lifespan and have an adverse effect.

Do we have to maintain the Artificial Grass ?

Yes we recommend a level of maintenance. Please see our Maintenance Guide for further details.

Is it easy to shape the Artificial Grass ?

Yes by using a sharp dolphin knife (undertake with caution) or floor layers scissors.

How is the Artificial Grass fixed down or joined together ?

After you have excavated the required area a treated timber template is applied to give the desired shape. The Artificial Grass is overlapped by approximately 4 inches and nailed/fixed to the outer edge of the treated timber. In addition two sections of the Artificial Grass can be adhered together using tape and recommended adhesive. These products can be supplied with your order.

Does the Artificial Grass have a Directional Pile ?

Yes you can see the directional pile when the grass is first unrolled as the manufacturing process causes this. Once installed brushing with a stiff brush against the pole will lift the fibres. Thereafter walking on the fibres will give it the appearance of a natural lawn.

Does the Artificial Grass Fade in the Sun ?

Ultra violet light from the Sun will not fade the product; the initial sheen will however disappear after a few days rain. The Artificial Grass has a 10 year UV manufacturers warranty.

Can the Artificial Grass be Repaired ?

Damaged areas may be replaced by new Artificial Grass but colour matching cannot be guaranteed.

Is Artificial Grass safe for Children ?

The product is totally safe for use by children who benefit from outdoor activities throughout the year.

Can Children play football and other games on it ?

Yes like most synthetic grass surfaces we would recommend that trainers be used and not studded boots.

Can Trampolines be put on top of the Artificial Grass ?

Yes they can and your garden will not become muddy either around or under the trampoline.

Can you put a Barbeque on it ?

This is not recommended as hot materials will burn and damage the Artificial Grass.

What about the delicate problems of soiling by Dogs ?

Pets urine will not cause stains. Use warm water and detergent after removing the main soiling.

Does an Artificial Grass lawn need watered ?

No – the lawn will never scorch again during a summer drought.

What about insects ?

An Artificial Grass will eliminate the vast majority of insects. Those found will most likely be just passing through.

If you need any help or advice, regarding any of our Artificial Grass or Synthetic turf please do not hesitate to email us or call us on 028 90683257

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