Artificial Grass Applications

Garden / Lawns:

Artificial grass as an outdoor carpet is a great surface for kids to run around on. It dries quickly after heavy rain allowing children to get out into the fresh air. The surface is durable and hardwearing and able to cope with the demands of children’s play yet having a soft feel. You can place all types of play equipment on it and, when installed with a layer or two of shock pad, can meet the Government's critical fall height standards.

No mowing, no fertilizers, no weeding, no moss and even no watering is required. You do not get unsightly bald patches or even mud. You just get a great looking green lawn that is usable 365 days a year throughout all the seasons.

Artificial Grass can be installed as a family lawn, an ornamental lawn, as a play area for the children or near a pool surround. It is ideal for those tricky areas such as slopes and awkward shapes that are difficulty to mow with a lawnmower.

The advantages of installing Artificial Grass is that it significantly reduces maintenance and your annual costs, while greatly improving your lifestyle 


Roofs & Balconies:

You can transform a wasted roof terrace or balcony into a usable leisure area by using Artificial Grass. Care must be taken to ensure that the roof is watertight before proceeding and that the structure can take the extra weight of the Artificial Grass allowing for people, ornaments and other items being on the roof. You should also ensure that there is adequate safety barriers around the roof taking account that young children may have access to it. Artificial Grass with a sand infill can be installed with care to ensure that warranties in respect of Bituminous, PVC or Rubber roofing products are not voided.


School & Playground:

Artificial Grass offers an economic alternative to conventional rubber surfaces whether wet pour or tiles. A system based on meeting the needs of critical fall heights comprises one or more layers of recycled impact absorbing shock pad, covered by sand filled Artificial Grass. The sand filled grass is hard wearing, non slip and meets the needs of children in nurseries and junior schools. The most popular surfaces (e.g. playground flooring) are soft, cushioned grasses that do not require a rubber infill. 


Football Pitch Touchlines:

Artificial Grass is becoming more frequently used by soccer and other clubs as a surround to their pitches. For further information on this please e-mail us at or Tel 028 90205944



Artificial grass is now becoming commonly used to landscape roundabouts and other areas. For further information on this please e-mail us at


Pet Friendly Surfaces:

Kids and pets can soon turn natural grass into mud making them unsightly, and messy. Artificial Grass gives an all-year-round, beautiful garden which is pet friendly. Some artificial lawns are used intensively such as for dog runs. It is especially important for such lawns to be installed correctly in order to prevent seams or edges becoming loose. With an ever increasing demand, Artificial Grass has proved itself to be a superior and durable outdoor flooring surface.


Bowls Banks:

Artificial Grass for bowls banks and ditches reduces maintenance and enhances the surrounding of the bowling green. The product is extremely durable and hardwearing.


Indoor Use:

Artificial Grass can be used as an indoor flooring option e.g. in locker rooms, changing facilities, reading corners and foyers. Any room of your school can be upgraded to artificial grass. This will create a unique and comfortable environment in which to play or relax.

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